BASF in Greater China

Report 2020

About this Report

The "BASF in Greater China" Report is published annually as a concise document about the performance of our activities across the three dimensions of sustainability – economy, environment and society – in Greater China.

Letter from the President

In 2020, BASF has demonstrated its resilience by protecting the health and safety of our employees, as well as by safeguarding our business operations and ensuring reliable deliveries to our customers. We continued investments in local production capacities, innovation capabilities and in our people.

Dr. Stephan Kothrade President and Chairman Greater China, BASF
Environmental protection, health and safety
  • “Helping Hands” Campaign

    Donating a total of 2.1 million RMB and medical supplies valued at over 0.65 million RMB in Greater China during the pandemic

    Purchasing and donating more than 100 million protective masks to Germany

  • Community Engagement

    Launching Community Advisory Panels in Zhanjiang and having open dialog with the local community

    Dialog with NGOs featuring “circular plastics and carbon neutrality”

  • Science Education

    Supporting Xuhui District to promote science in Shanghai

    Launching BASF® Kids’ Lab Community Mini program on WeChat

    “Fascinating Chemistry” as one of the most popular elective courses in Peking University

  • Volunteering

    Committing to reducing and eliminating plastic waste in our environment

    Participating in clean-up activities across Greater China

    Volunteers helped community members facing hardships